One of the big milestones for us was celebrating Oscar’s 100 day birthday – on the actual day with my mum, sister, Andy and Willow, and we also hosted a lovely party in our new home in the English countryside.

History behind the 100 day celebration

Taking a step back to Chinese tradition, this big milestone is usually the one month birthday celebration after a full month of confinement. This was due to high mortality rates in ancient times and families were reluctant to celebrate the life of their baby until they passed their first month of life – as this usually meant that if a child survived this critical time, they would survive to be a healthy grown-up. However it is also now quite common to celebrate a child’s birth at 100 days as the child is a little bigger than one month old. For personal reasons, we decided to celebrate this big milestone at 100 days as my dad died nearly a month after Oscar was born and Oscar got really ill at 2.5 weeks old with a virus and was hospitalised for a few days. I wanted to ensure he recovered well and respect my dad’s passing and felt celebrating at 100 days also meant my mother and sister could come to the UK to be part of this special milestone.

Oscar’s actual 100 day birthday

We thought to mark the occasion, we would go to Wisley which is a beautiful garden run by the Royal Horticultural Society in Surrey. We booked a lovely lunch at their restaurant and the food was amazing but the service was a complete disaster. But besides that set back we really enjoyed the day out enjoying the sunshine and flowers and being incredibly grateful we could celebrate Oscar’s 100 days with close family.

Oscar’s 100 day birthday party

We hosted a 100 day party for Oscar a few weeks later and it was lovely to have over 60 family and friends come over to our house. But gosh, it was a lot of work to prep for the day. But it was definitely worth it and it was made extra special as Andy’s mum and grandmother came down to visit us from up North and my mother and sister from Australia were able to make the occasion.

I’m so incredibly grateful for my little tiger baby boy Oscar. He is one the greatest joys in my life and with my dad passing away, it meant so much that I was able to uphold this Chinese tradition that meant so much to my dad. Dad may not have been there for Oscar’s party, but he was there in spirit and I’m grateful little tiger Oscar was strong and happy to show Kong Kong (Chinese name for granddad) (who was also a tiger) that he is thriving and a fighter like his grandfather.

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