About Me

Hello, my name is Karen and I’m the face behind Work Eat Play Repeat.

I’m a mum to two beautiful kids – a little girl called Willow and a little baby boy called Oscar. We have recently moved to the English countryside after an epic 2.5 years of trying to do the big migration from London to the countryside – unfortunately COVID and house purchase fall-throughs delayed the move.

This blog was originally born to create a mealtime resource for busy working parents to find more time for the things that matter (like spending more time with your kids and family) by making meal planning easier, more affordable and healthier. But as our lives have evolved and changed with a new home and new baby, I’ve realised I wanted to not just focus on food (which I still will do as I am a MAJOR foodie) but also focus on other things that a working parent has to grapple with such as mindset and productivity, food and nutrition and living an intentional life with my family. As we are also now in the English countryside, I also want to share about our new life away from the city.

I’m still finding my way but I hope you enjoy following me and my family on this journey.

x Karen

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