Launch Day

I can’t believe it, Work Eat Play Repeat has finally launched! This has been a labour of love over the past couple of months, and I must confess, I am so proud I’ve been able to set up a website from scratch and build it from the ground up 🙂

This blog was born out of lockdown food frustration to be honest. When lockdown happened last year, I looked all over the internet to find a food blog dedicated to working parents and the unique challenges that are faced by parents when trying to prepare meals. There were many food blogs out there with easy recipes, lockdown food ideas but it didn’t really speak to me especially with the challenges of wanting easy meals during the week with a hungry toddler but some nicer meals on the weekend when we had more time to indulge. I was also fed up of always having to think about meal after meal which took up a lot of energy and time – rather than spending it with my little daughter.

As this is all very new to me, I’m aiming to start slow, I’ll post one recipe a fortnight on a Wednesday as I get used to this whole blogging world. The recipes will be a mixture of all sorts – easy, healthy recipes for the weekday, batch cooking where possible and some more indulgent recipes for the weekend, when we want to entertain family and friends or frankly just want to have a piece of cake 🙂

Having grown up in Australia but of Malaysian and Chinese descent, there will be some Asian and Australian influences to my recipes. I also love to bake so will be having some baking recipes here. Oh….we also are moving to the country soon and plan to have a kitchen garden, so when the time is right, I’ll post on growing our own fruit and veg….I’m dreaming of a kitchen garden to table life.

Super excited this is really launching now!

x Karen

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