We love a Sunday roast in our family. And we tend to over cater every time. In the past, we have just repeated what we ate with the leftovers of the actual Sunday roast or made sandwiches from the leftover meat and trimmings. And there is nothing wrong with that and we still do that.

However….it has been a personal challenge of Andy and me to try to get more creative with leftovers and to create new meals from the leftover ingredients. And in the case of a delicious leftover meat from a beef Sunday roast, we created two dishes we thought it would be great to share with you to have an interesting next day or two of meals for you and your family which is completely different from Sunday roast.


A great way to use up Yorkshire pudding batter is to make pancakes the next day. The batter can be used for both savoury and sweet pancakes. In the picture below, we made Nutella pancakes with fruit on the side.

Nutella pancake with fruit using leftover Yorkshire pudding batter

Satay Wraps

Influenced by my Malaysian background, we wanted an Asian twist to use up the leftover meat from our Sunday roast. We could have just made a classic wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber with a dash of mayonnaise but we thought – let’s go bold with flavours and we came up with the idea of satay beef wraps. We cheated a little with this wrap and used packet bought satay sauce as we wanted a quick lunch and we also separated the sauce into half so Andy could add fried paneer into his sauce (as he’s vegetarian). To create textures to the meal, we added some crushed peanuts and crispy onions as garnishing to the wrap

Satay beef wrap from leftover Sunday roast

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